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In 1994 my father lost his vision due to a genetic disorder. His descriptions of eidetic hallucinations from his visual memory were disturbing and intriguing, and became an impetus in my artwork. The rapid deterioration of my own eyesight instigated my concentration on exploring ideas about the perceptions of what I see versus what others may see, and what is real and what is illusion.

Although my earlier works used decorative and literary devices , I am now avoiding associations imposed on imagery and am proceeding towards simple geometry and other neutral forms to express my ideological and aesthetic ideas. I use light, shadow, color interactions, time and space, and luminescent and phosphorescent agents to explore perceptual phenomena and metaphysical issues. My use of these tangible materials stress color composition in space and buy lumigan the structural properties of light. I further emphasize the dematerialization of the methods of conveyance of light and color to create a greater importance of the viewer and the experiential nature of my artwork. Viewers are asked to become an active participant in a dialogue with the work as they experience the dissolution of boundaries between substance and space. The perceptual ambiguities cause viewers to question the nature of perception and to consider the expansion of their state of consciousness.
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